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ProcessTech™ 3-Day Workshop: Scientific Molding for Technicians
ProcessTech™ 3-Day Workshop: Scientific Molding for Technicians
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ProcessTech™ Workshop: 3-Day Scientific Molding for Technicians

This public workshop is intended to provide the technicians and engineers with an extended, well-rounded understanding of injection molding with a knowledge-based certification once all the training is complete. This program will provide the necessary information and skills to build, document, and troubleshoot a Scientific Molding Process as well as pass the Injection Molders Professional Certification Exam. This 3-day course is perfect for anyone involved in development, establishment, evaluation, optimization, or even management.

Venue: Niigata Technical Center, Wood Dale, IL

June 6 - 8, 2017
Tues: 8AM-4PM

Includes all training materials

Online Training, Classroom Instruction, & Group Workshop covers:

  • Machine, Process, Mold, Materials, & Drying
  • Scientific Approach to Process Development
  • Scientific Process Documentation
  • Scientific Troubleshooting for Injection Molders
  • Scientific Molding Process Optimization
  • Scientific Approach to Cycle Time Reduction
  • Scientific Machine & Process Evaluation Strategies
  • Scientific Techniques to Improve Efficiency & Repeatability

ProcessTech™ Workshop Skills & Learning Objectives

· Understand safety precautions around the molding machine

· The definition and role of a scientific troubleshooter

· Scientific vs. non-scientific process documentation techniques

· The difference between conventional and scientific troubleshooting

· An introduction to proper scientific troubleshooting techniques

· The 7 steps to the effective scientific troubleshooting

· The role of scientific documentation in proper documentation

· Understanding and optimizing Scientific Molding parameters for:

    • 1st Stage Filling
    • 1st Stage to 2nd Stage Transfer
    • 2nd Stage Pack
    • Screw Delay
    • Screw Recovery
    • Screw Decompression
    • Cooling Time
    • Mold Opening
    • Part Ejection
    • Mold Closing
    • Clamping

· Understanding process parameters for screw recovery

· Minimizing the stresses imposed on the material

· Reduction of energy consumption during shot generation

· Proper uses for back pressure during screw recovery

· Melt and mold temperature measurement technique review

· Optimization of screw recovery efficiency through rear zone temperature

· How to reduce screw flex and breakage during recovery

· Difference between mold, coolant, and controller temperatures

· Performing a cooling time study to determine minimal cooling time

· Optimization of final packing pressure to compensate for variation

· Material properties which are affected by processing

· Fundamental scientific molding methodology

· Understand the purpose and importance of a process log

· Correct and incorrect uses of injection velocity profiling

· Effective machine independent process documentation techniques for:

§ 1st stage injection

§ 2nd stage packing

§ Part cooling

§ Material recovery

§ Mold clamping

ProcessTech™ Prerequisite Online Training

· Injection Molding Basics

· Understanding Plastics Materials

· Processing Parameters for Scientific Molding Parts 1, 2, & 3

ProcessTech™ Day 1: Classroom Discussion Topics

· Injection Molding Safety

· Process Inputs vs. Process Outputs

· Establishing 1st Stage Injection

· Practical Rheology for Injection Molding

· 1st Stage Cavity Imbalance

· 1st Stage Check Ring Evaluation

ProcessTech™ Day 1: Practical Skill Development

· Proper Scientific Molding Documentation:

    • Melt Temperature Measurement

· Scientific Molding Skills:

    • 1st Stage Injection Fill Progression
    • 1st Stage Injection Speed Optimization
    • 1st Stage Injection Transfer Optimization
    • Maximum 1st Stage Injection Pressure
    • Maximum 1st Stage Injection Time
    • 1st Stage In-Mold Rheology

ProcessTech™ Day 2: Classroom Discussion Topics

· Scientific Molding – Rules of Processing

· Scientific Molding – 2nd Stage Packing

· Scientific Molding – Process Control Systems

· Scientific Molding – Determining Plastic Pressure

ProcessTech™ Day 2: Practical Skill Development

· Proper Scientific Molding Documentation:

    • Mold Temperature Measurement

· Scientific Molding Skills:

    • 2nd Stage Packing Pressure Optimization
    • 2nd Stage Packing Time Optimization
    • 2nd Stage Final Cushion Optimization
    • 2nd Stage Clamp Force Optimization
    • 1st Stage Check Ring Evaluation
    • 1st Stage Cavity Imbalance Study

ProcessTech™ Day 3: Classroom Discussion Topics

· Scientific Molding – Screw Recovery Optimization

· Scientific Molding – Accurate Part Cooling

· Scientific Molding – Process Documentation

· Scientific Molding – Troubleshooting for Scientific Molders

ProcessTech™ Day 3: Practical Skill Development

· Proper Scientific Molding Documentation:

    • Scientific Process Documentation

· Scientific Molding Skills:

    • Scientific Molding – Rear Zone Temperature Optimization
    • Scientific Molding – Screw Recovery Optimization
    • Scientific Molding – Coolant Temperature Optimization
    • Scientific Molding – Cooling Time Optimization

ProcessTech™ Post-Requisite Online Training

· Establishing a Scientific Molding Process

· Scientific Troubleshooting for Injection Molders Part 1, 2, 3, & 4

· Material Drying Technology Parts 1 & 2

· Blueprint Reading: Dimensions and Tolerances Parts 1 & 2

Certification for Injection Molding Professionals – Level 1

This globally-recognized professional certification demonstrates a broad-spectrum understanding of the injection molding industry. The knowledge required ranges from a good understanding of injection molding safety to having a fundamental working knowledge of injection molding machinery, processing, tooling, materials, and quality; all based on current industry best practices. Successfully passing this certification demonstrates a good working knowledge of injection molding and industry best practices.

Note: If the person(s) taking the course are different than the person purchasing, please enter the participant(s) name and email(s) in the comments section when checking out.

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