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Essential Training Package for RJG's 'Systematic Molding for Mold Builders and Tooling Engineers' Participants
Essential Training Package for RJG's 'Systematic Molding for Mold Builders and Tooling Engineers' Participants
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Product Code: PKG.RJG.SMM

RJG and A. Routsis have combined efforts to offer ten powerful online training courses that enhance their highly-effective 'Systematic Molding for Mold Builders and Tooling Engineers' Classroom Training. These courses are hand selected by RJG to help ensure anyone who wants to incorporate progressive strategies into the tool design and construction can get one year access to training for both preparation and reinforcement.

Online Training included in this package include:

Complete DECOUPLED MOLDING (SM) Training Series

These courses convey many of the concepts and theories covered within the RJG DECOUPLED MOLDING (SM) training seminars. This four course series starts with the major components of the molding process, and progresses to systematic troubleshooting.

The DECOUPLED MOLDING system is an ideal processing method intended for anyone interested in optimizing an injection molding process.

Program 1 - Introduction to DECOUPLED MOLDING (SM)

Discusses polymerization, crystallinity, additives, regrind and degradation
Lists necessary components of a proper part design
Describes the injection molding process in depth; from filling to cooling
Covers molding machine components and their functions in depth

Program 2 - DECOUPLED MOLDING SM Techniques

Compares traditional and DECOUPLED MOLDING (SM)
Defines the three DECOUPLED MOLDING (SM) techniques
Covers transducers and proper transducer placement
Introduces signal conditioners and display devices

Program 3 - Reading and Interpreting Data

Provides participants with an understanding of graphs and scaling
Explains how to identify different types of graphical curves
Introduces the various integrals used in DECOUPLED MOLDING (SM)
Compares ideal and inconsistent pressure curves

Program 4 - Systematic Troubleshooting

Discusses the importance of proper process documentation
Explains the appearance and symptoms of defects
Introduces logical steps involved in troubleshooting defects
Describes common processing defects, their causes and actions to correct them

Complete Plastics Part Design Training Series

The Plastic Part Design Series provides engineers and technicians with an understanding of the plastic part design process. This extensive interactive training course also addresses many of the factors and concerns associated with part design.

Dr. Robert Malloy, a respected author and professor at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, provided sources for these comprehensive interactive training programs.

Program 1: Product Development & the Prototype Process

- The development & prototype process
- Product development steps
- Concurrent engineering
- Computer simulations for design
- Rapid prototyping and tooling processes

Program 2: Mechanical Behavior of Polymers

- The mechanical behavior of polymers
- Stress/strain curves
- Visco-elastic behavior of polymers
- Creep and stress relaxation

Program 3: Mold Filling, Gating & Weld Lines

- Fatigue and cyclic stress
- Gating & weld line considerations
- Mold filling processes
- Gate types, location, and importance
- Weld line occurrence and strength determination

Program 4: Shrinkage, Warpage, & Part Ejection

- How packing affects shrinkage and warpage
- The effects of part geometry
- Amorphous vs. semi-crystalline behavior
- Ejection systems for simple and complex geometry

Program 5: Mechanical Fasteners, Press & Snap Fits

- Assembly techniques
- Snap fit design and considerations
- Design for assembly and disassembly
- Boss and screw design
- Press fit design and strength equations

Program 6: Welding & Adhesives Bonding Technology

- Various part welding processes
- Joint design for injection molded parts
- Adhesive bonding applications & techniques
- Wetting, surface attraction and curing of adhesives


Package Provides 3-Days of Classroom Training Combined with 12-17 hours of Professional Multimedia Training

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