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Scientific Molding 101 Package (UK, EU, & AU)
Scientific Molding 101 Package (UK, EU, & AU)
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Scientific Moulding 101 (International English Version)

Scientific Moulding 101 lays the foundation of knowledgee necessary for the success of any injection moulding employee.

This package provides employees with broad-based training on the injection moulding machine, process, mould, plastics and Scientific Moulding. Anyone working with production equipment or handling the material will greatly benefit from this package.

6 Online Courses (6-12 hours + Study Guides)
note: Establishing a Scientific Molding Process is in USA english

Package Course Descriptions:

Introduction to Injection Moulding

This course provides participants with a general introduction to the plastics industry. The primary focus of this training program is the day-to-day operations of a typical injection moulding facility.

An Introduction to Injection Moulding was created for newcomers to the injection moulding industry or anyone that would like to learn more about plastics. We recommend that new hires take this course before participating in our Injection Moulding Basics series.

An overview of plastics and the industry
- A typical moulding facility
- General plant safety
- An introduction to the moulding process
- Moulding machine components
- Material handling
- Injection mould terminology
- Common part defects

1 Online Course (1-2 hours + Study Guide)

Injection Moulding Basics

Our Basics series provides participants with a general understanding of the three major aspects of injection moulding; the injection moulding machine, the moulding process, and the injection mould. These programs use 3D animation to demonstrate the inner workings of the machine and mould and to easily convey otherwise complex concepts. Important safety precautions are stressed throughout these training programs.

These basic injection moulding training programs are ideal for new hires, yet also serve as an excellent refresher course for any employee involved in plastics processing; from operators and technicians to management and setup personnel.

Part 1: Machine

- Cites important safety precautions for working around injection moulding machines
- Gives an introduction to the injection moulding process
- Introduces machine types and the different modes of operation
- Discusses injection moulding machine components and their respective functions
- General procedures for starting up and shutting down a moulding machine

Part 2: Process

- Discusses polymers and the three criteria used to classify them
- Covers some of the more common procedures for material preparation
- Introduces the three phases of the moulding process; injection, cooling and ejection
- Explains the need for maintaining an accurate process log
- Defines common injection moulded part defects and explains their causes

Part 3: Mould

- Explains the specific functions that an injection mould must perform
- Introduces the various machining methods used to construct an injection mould
- Discusses the three mould configurations used in the industry
- Covers common runner shapes and gate types used in injection moulds
- Gives an overview of proper injection mould maintenance

3 Online Courses (3-6 hours + Study Guides)

Understanding Plastics

This program explains how and why plastics are different and cites several different types of polymers and processing considerations. Understanding Plastics emphasizes material handling, explains regrind, and covers the effects that moisture can have on moulded part properties during processing.

- The definition of plastics
- Polymer classification
- Material properties affected by processing
- Proper material handling techniques
- Processing characteristics of virgin and regrind

1 Online Course (1-2 hours + Study Guides)

Establishing a Scientific Moulding Process

This scientific moulding training course provides participants with in-depth processing information to better prepare them for making appropriate and cost-effective decisions when establishing or improving a scientific injection moulding process.

The course teaches a processing strategy that properly decouples 1st stage fill from 2nd stage pack. Students who understand and utilize the strategy described in this course will produce processes with a much higher repeatability. The steps outlined in this course are intended to quickly establish a scientific injection moulding process, reduce downtime and improve process efficiency.

- General Rules for Scientific Processing
- Scientific Process Optimization Strategies:
- 1st Stage Filling
- 1st Stage to 2nd Stage Transfer
- 2nd Stage Pack
- Screw Delay
- Screw Recovery
- Screw Decompression
- Cooling Time
- Mould Opening
- Part Ejection
- Mould Closing
- Clamping

1 Online Course (1-2 hours + Study Guide)

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