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rt_0131_mc   了解塑料材料 (中国普通话) (Mandarin Chinese)
rt_0201_mc   建立一个科学化的注塑工艺 (中国普通话) (Mandarin Chinese)
rt_0121_mc   注模基础 (中国普通话) (Mandarin Chinese)
rt_0111_mc   注模简介 (中国普通话) (Mandarin Chinese)
sm_101_mc   科学成型 101 (中国普通话) (Mandarin Chinese)
rt_0301_mc   科学成型技术™系列 (中国普通话)
sm_201_mc   科学的工艺工程师包 (中国普通话) (Mandarin Chinese)
rt_0111_us   An Introduction to Injection Molding   An Introduction to Injection Molding Training
rt_0111_uk   An Introduction to Injection Moulding (UK, EU, & AU)   An Introduction to Injection Moulding Training (Bahasa Malaysia)   An Introduction to Injection Moulding Training (Mandarin Chinese Version)   An Introduction to Injection Moulding Training (UK, AU, and European Market Version)
rt_0121_my   Asas Pengacuan Suntikan (Bahasa Malaysia)
rt_0225_us   Automation & Robotics for Scientific Molders
bm_101_us   Blow Molding 101 Package
rt_1011_us   Blueprint Reading Series
wbt.pkg.ts.bpr   Blueprint Reading Series
cd_cw_im101_6mos   CDROM_CW_IM101_6pmts
sm_101_sp   Científico Moldeo 101 Paquete (Spanish)
rt_0301_sp   Científico Moldeo Habilidades™ Series (Español)
rt_0201_sp   Cómo Establecer un Proceso de Moldeo Científico (Español)   Complete DECOUPLED MOLDING (SM) Training Series   Complete Extrusion Blow Molding Series   Complete Injection Molding Basics Training Series   Complete Injection Moulding Basics Training Series (Bahasa Malaysia)   Complete Injection Moulding Basics Training Series (Mandarin Chinese Version)   Complete Injection Moulding Basics Training Series (UK, AU, and European Market Version)   Complete Intelligent Molder Training Series   Complete Mold Design and Moldmaking Training Series
wbt.ds.pd   Complete Plastics Part Design Training Series
wbt.ex.sse   Complete Single Screw Extrusion Series
wbt.ex.tse   Complete Twin Screw Extrusion Series   Comprendiendo el Entrenamiento en Plasticos
im_301_us   DECOUPLED MOLDING℠ Expert Package   Electric Injection Molding
rt_0231_us   Electric Injection Molding for Scientific Molders
rt_0131_bp   Entendendo os Materiais Plásticos (Português do Brasil)   Entendendo Plásticos
rt_0131_sp   Entender El Plástico (Español)
pkg.rjg.mm1   Essential Training Package for RJG's 'Master Molding I' Participants
pkg.rjg.mm2   Essential Training Package for RJG's 'Master Molding II & III' Participants
pkg.rjg.smm   Essential Training Package for RJG's 'Systematic Molding for Mold Builders and Tooling Engineers' Participants
pkg.rjg.sm1   Essential Training Package for RJG's 'Systematic Molding I & II' Participants
rt_0201_bp   Estabelecendo um Processo Científico de Moldagem por (Português do Brasil)
rt_0201_us   Establishing a Scientific Injection Molding Process   Establishing a Scientific Molding Process   Establishing a Scientific Moulding Process (Bahasa Malaysia)
rt_2021_us   Extrusion Blow Molding Series
bm_601_us   Extrusion Blow Molding Technician Package
rt_0121_bp   Fundamentos de Moldagem por Injeção (Português do Brasil)   Fundamentos de Moldagem por Injeção
rt_1021_us   Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing Series
wbt.pkg.ts.gdt   Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing Series
sm_201_sp   Ingeniero de Proceso Científico (Español)
ds_401_us   Injection Mold & Plastic Part Design Engineering Package
rt_0511_us   Injection Mold Maintenance   Injection Mold Maintenance Training
rt_0221_us   Injection Mold Setup for Scientific Molders   Injection Mold Setup Training
rt_1331_us   Injection Molded Plastic Part Design Series
rt_0121_us   Injection Molding Basics
rt_0531_us   Injection Molding Hydraulics   Injection Molding Hydraulics Training Series
rt_0521_us   Injection Molding Machine Maintenance   Injection Molding Machine Maintenance Training
im_302_us   Injection Molding Maintenance Technician Package   Injection Molding Professional Certification
sm_205_us   Injection Molding Professional Certification Package
rt_0401_us   Injection Molding Professional Certification Test - Level 1
rt_0121_uk   Injection Moulding Basics (UK, EU, & AU)
rt_0821_us   Intelligent Molding Series   Introdução à Moldagem por Injeção
rt_0111_bp   Introdução à Moldagem por Injeção (Português do Brasil)   Introduccion para entrenamiento en Moldeo de Inyeccion   Material Drying Technology
rt_0223_us   Material Drying Technology for Scientific Molders
rt_2011_us   Math for Blow Molders   Math for Blow Molders
rt_3011_us   Math for Extruders
wbt.ex.mfm   Math for Extruders   Math for Molders
rt_0241_us   Math for Scientific Molders
rt_0131_my   Memahami Bahan Plastik (Bahasa Malaysia)
rt_0201_my   Memantapkan Proses Pengacuan Suntikan Saintifik (Bahasa Malaysia)
rt_1311_us   Mold Design & Mold Making Series
sm_101_bp   Moldagem Científica 101 Package (Português do Brasil)
custom_nqf2   NQF2 Production Packets and Operators Online Interactive   PACOTE DE TREINAMENTO: MOLDAGEM POR INJEÇÃO 101   Paquete de Entrenamiento: Moldeo por inyección 101
rt_0111_my   Pengenalan Kepada Pengacuan Suntikan (Bahasa Malaysia)
rt_0202_us   Process Documentation for Scientific Molders
rt_0261_us   Processing For Profit   Processing For Profit Training
rt_0211_us   Processing Parameters for Scientific Molders   Processing Parameters for Scientific Molding
sm_201_bp   Processo Científico Engineer Package (Português do Brasil)
PTECH_MAN_TECH   ProcessTech™ 2+3 Day Workshops: Scientific Molding for Managers & Scientific Molding for Technicians
PTECH_MANAGERS   ProcessTech™ 2-Day Workshop: Scientific Molding for Managers
PTECH_TECH_2017_06   ProcessTech™ 3-Day Workshop: Scientific Molding for Technicians
sm_201_my   Proses Saintifik Pakej Jurutera (Bahasa Malaysia)
rt_0227_us   Purging for Scientific Molders
rt_0811_us   RJG's DECOUPLED MOLDING℠ Series
rt_0831_us   RJG’s eDart™ Overview   RJG’s eDART™ Training
sm_101_my   Saintifik Moulding 101 (Bahasa Malaysia)
rt_0301_my   Saintifik Skillset™ Siri (Bahasa Malaysia)
sm_204_us   Scientific Die Setter Package
sm_101_us   Scientific Molding 101 Package
sm_102_us   Scientific Molding 102 Package
sm_103_us   Scientific Molding 103 Package
sm_202_us   Scientific Molding Guru Package
rt_0301_us   Scientific Molding SkillSet™ Series
sm_101_uk   Scientific Moulding 101 Package (UK, EU, & AU)
sm_201_us   Scientific Process Engineer Package
sm_201_uk   Scientific Process Engineer Package (UK, EU, & AU)   Scientific SkillSet™ Series (Accesible en Windows, Apple, o Android)   Scientific SkillSet™ Series (Computer, Tablet, & Smartphone Compatible)
sm_203_us   Scientific Troubleshooter Package
rt_0251_us   Scientific Troubleshooting for Injection Molders   Scientific Troubleshooting of Molding Defects
pkg.rjg.sci   Scientific Troubleshooting Package   Serie Básica De Moldeo Por Inyección
rt_0121_sp   Serie Básica de Moldeo por Inyección (Español)
rt_0301_bp   Série Skillset Scientific™ (Português do Brasil)
ex_101_us   Single Screw Extrusion 101 Package
rt_3021_us   Single Screw Extrusion Series
ex_501_us   Single Screw Extrusion Technician Package
ts_701_us   Technical Print Reading Package
rt_1501_us   The 5S System SkillSet™ Series   The Effects of Mold Filling, Gating & Weld Lines Training   The Effects of Shrinkage, Warpage & Part Ejection Training   Training Package: Blow Molding Technician   Training Package: Complete Injection Moulding (Bahasa Malaysia)   Training Package: Design Engineer   Training Package: Die Setter   Training Package: Injection Molding 101   Training Package: Injection Molding 101 (Mandarin Chinese Version)   Training Package: Injection Molding 102   Training Package: Injection Molding 103   Training Package: Injection Molding Professional Certification   Training Package: Injection Moulding 101
wbt.pkg.lm.le   Training Package: Lean Manufacturing Expert   Training Package: Maintenance Technician   Training Package: Management & Supervisory Skills   Training Package: Scientific Molder   Training Package: Scientific Molding Guru   Training Package: Scientific Troubleshooter
wbt.pkg.ex.sst   Training Package: Single Screw Extrusion Technician
wbt.pkg.ts.pkg   Training Package: Technical Skills
wbt.pkg.ex.tst   Training Package: Twin Screw Extrusion Technician
ex_102_us   Twin Screw Extrusion 101 Package
rt_3031_us   Twin Screw Extrusion Series
ex_502_us   Twin Screw Extrusion Technician Package
rt_0111_sp   Una Introducción a Moldeo por Inyección (Español)
rt_0131_us   Understanding Plastics Materials
rt_0131_uk   Understanding Plastics Materials (UK, EU, & AU)   Understanding Plastics Training   Understanding Plastics Training (Bahasa Malaysia)   Understanding Plastics Training (Mandarin Chinese Version)   Understanding Plastics Training (UK, AU, and European Market Version)
rt_0533_us   Understanding Process Control Systems   Understanding Process Control Systems Training

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