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Routsis Training’s Lean Manufacturing courses allow your company to work smarter, not harder. Reduce waste and eliminate inefficiencies in your plant with the 5S System.
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The 5S System SkillSet™ Series The 5S System SkillSet™ Series

The 5S System is a critical component of Lean Manufacturing used by successful manufacturing facilities worldwide. It consists of 5 simple and concise steps – Sorting, Straightening, Sweeping, Standardizing, and Sustaining – that can help your facility reduce clutter and waste and, ultimately, increase efficiency and productivity.

Our Price: $197.00
Basic Measuring Tools Basic Measuring Tools

Our Basic Measuring Tools training labs teach participants the correct usage and procedures for verifying the accuracy of measuring devices commonly used at your facility, including Go/No-Go Gauges, Pin Gauges, Linear Indicators, Depth Gauges, and Height Gauges. These basic gauges are used by most quality, machining, & tooling departments.

Our Price: $197.00
Intermediate Measuring Tools Intermediate Measuring Tools

Further developing the knowledgebase established in our Basic Measuring Tools courses, these intermediate-level training labs introduce 3 additional measuring devices: Gauge Blocks, Slide Calipers, and Outside Micrometers. These intermediate tools are commonly used by quality, production, engineering, tooling, machining, and maintenance personnel.

Our Price: $197.00
Advanced Measuring Tools Advanced Measuring Tools

Expanding upon the measuring devices introduced in our basic and intermediate-level courses, Advanced Measuring Tools covers techniques for the proper usage of Thickness Gauges, Inside Micrometers, Depth Micrometers, Dial Bore Gauges, and Hole Gauges. These advanced tools are used by most quality, tooling, machining, and maintenance personnel.

Our Price: $197.00
The 5S System SkillSet™ Series (Español) The 5S System SkillSet™ Series (Español)

5S es un componente crítico de Lean Manufacturing. El sistema 5S es utilizado por plantas de fabricación exitosas en todo el mundo. Consta de cinco pasos sencillos y concisos (clasificar, ordenar, limpiar, estandarizar y sostener) que pueden ayudar a sus instalaciones a reducir el desorden y el desperdicio y, en última instancia, aumentar la eficiencia y la productividad.

Our Price: $197.00