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Fundamental Scientific Molding Maintenance
Decoupled Molding℠ Certification Exam
Featuring high-quality digital video, accurate 3D animation and practical, up-to-date information, Routsis Training’s online injection molding courses are unmatched in quality and effectiveness. Our injection molding programs cater to all molding personnel at all skill levels.
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An Introduction to Injection Molding An Introduction to Injection Molding

The primary focus of this training program is to introduce newcomers to the plastics industry and the day-to-day operations of a typical injection molding facility.

Our Price: $97.00
Injection Molding Basics Injection Molding Basics

Our Basics series covers the three major aspects of injection molding; the injection molding machine, the molding process, and the injection mold. Important safety precautions are stressed throughout these training programs.

Our Price: $347.00
Understanding Plastics Materials Understanding Plastics Materials

This course will benefit any personnel that's involved with material handling and describes the effects that moisture can have on molded part properties during processing. Polymer classification and what occurs during processing for each type is also explained.

Our Price: $97.00
Establishing a Scientific Injection Molding Process Establishing a Scientific Injection Molding Process

The course teaches how to establish and maintain a scientific processing that properly decouples 1st stage fill from 2nd stage pack, which leads to improved process efficiency and much higher repeatability.

Our Price: $97.00
Process Documentation for Scientific Molders Process Documentation for Scientific Molders

Proper documentation and the procedures associated with documenting a scientific molding process are critical for creating and maintaining a robust scientific injection molding process. This course also teaches the differences between machine-dependent and machine-independent process parameters and how they are obtained.

Our Price: $97.00
Processing Parameters for Scientific Molders Processing Parameters for Scientific Molders

This 3-part training program explains how processing parameters are involved with a scientific injection molding process and will benefit die setters, process technicians, maintenance personnel, engineers, and anyone else that interacts with the control panel.

Our Price: $397.00
Injection Mold Setup for Scientific Molders Injection Mold Setup for Scientific Molders

This comprehensive 2-part program is essential for anyone involved with die setting, including process technicians and supervisors. Topics covered: safety, preparation, documentation, mold removal, mold installation, and process startup.

Our Price: $297.00
Automation & Robotics for Scientific Molders Automation & Robotics for Scientific Molders

Learn the different options and capabilities associated with robotics and are used to streamline production within the injection molding industry. Guarding and safety considerations are also covered in detail.

Our Price: $197.00
Purging for Scientific Molders Purging for Scientific Molders

This comprehensive series covers purging techniques and effective purging procedures as well as the common types of purging compounds. Users are also shown how to effectively compare different purging procedures and compounds – and guided by the accompanying Purging Analysis Worksheet.

Our Price: $297.00
Material Drying Technology for Scientific Molders Material Drying Technology for Scientific Molders

Material handlers need to know how different types of polymers are best dried and prepared for reliable processing. These courses show participants how proper plastics material handling and drying is critical to produce a consistent product.

Our Price: $197.00
Electric Injection Molding for Scientific Molders Electric Injection Molding for Scientific Molders

Participants will learn all of the benefits and capabilities of modern all-electric injection molding machines. Users will also be prepared to make more effective decisions for optimizing any process that’s running on an electric machine.

Our Price: $297.00
Math for Scientific Molders Math for Scientific Molders

Created for plastics industry personnel to fine-tune and expand their math skills, these courses cover a wide spectrum of math-related topics that are dealt with on a daily basis at any facility.

Our Price: $247.00
Scientific Troubleshooting for Injection Molders Scientific Troubleshooting for Injection Molders

Participants are provided with the knowledge base required to identify and troubleshoot over twenty-five of the most common injection molded part defects. Users will also come away with a better understanding of how to best process, document and maintain a reliable scientific injection molding process.

Our Price: $547.00
Processing For Profit Processing For Profit

Processors and technicians are presented with industry-proven procedures and techniques which can be used to easily improve the efficiency and profitability of any molding application.

Our Price: $97.00
Scientific Molding SkillSet™ Series Scientific Molding SkillSet™ Series

The Scientific SkillSet™ Series is a unique learning experience that combines detailed, step-by-step online instruction with practical hands-on labs and worksheets. Each course/worksheet combinations focuses on developing processing-related skills that translate directly to troubleshooting, optimizing and documenting any injection molding process.

Our Price: $1,097.00

This four-part training program starts with the major components of the molding process, and progresses to systematic troubleshooting. Molders will learn how to optimize any injection molding process that uses Decoupled Molding℠.

Our Price: $447.00
Intelligent Molding Series Intelligent Molding Series

Produced for technicians and process engineers, these courses teach how to evaluate the capability and repeatability of a given injection molding machine, injection mold, or injection molding process. These courses will greatly benefit any participant of the Master Molder℠ Certification Series – either as a primer or as follow-up training.

Our Price: $347.00
RJG’s eDart™ Overview RJG’s eDart™ Overview

This course was created for production personnel that monitor and optimize injection molding processes equipped with RJG’s eDART™ process controllers. Participants will be better prepared to establish improved process stability and advanced machine and process analysis.

Our Price: $97.00
Injection Molding Hydraulics Injection Molding Hydraulics

These courses demonstrate the importance of hydraulics and the required proper maintenance of hydraulic components. Machine operators will learn ways to reduce wear on hydraulic components and become familiar with hydraulic print reading and theory.

Our Price: $197.00
Injection Mold Maintenance Injection Mold Maintenance

Proper mold maintenance is covered in detail and stresses important safety considerations for mold handling; before, during, and after a production run. Participants will learn techniques for
extending tool life and increasing its productivity.

Our Price: $97.00
Injection Molding Machine Maintenance Injection Molding Machine Maintenance

This course will show users the proper approach to machine, fluid, platen, screw and barrel maintenance. Participants are also shown newer technologies; such as laser leveling, ultrasonic tie bar stretch measuring, and portable machine process monitors.

Our Price: $97.00
Understanding Process Control Systems Understanding Process Control Systems

Molders will be able to make more educated choices relating to
closed loop process control systems after taking this online course. How process control reduces variation is also covered.

Our Price: $97.00